What's Going On With Jack Bonafide Book 4?

I remember toward the end of 2020 everyone kept talking about how it would be so great when that year was finally over and how great it would be to start 2021.

To echo my last blog post where I talked about faulty predictions: How's that working out for you?

Look, 2021 has actually been pretty great for us, but we also can't pretend it hasn't had it's challenges. A crazy storm almost crashed the power grid here in Texas and our water supply was basically poisoned for several days, we had the Capitol Riot, Russia almost went to the Super Bowl against Ukraine and started World War Nine (still not over), more riots and last but not least our fuel supply is now being choked off.

How does this relate to Counter Assault being so late? Well, I believe in being prepared so between 2020 and 2021 my foot is only going harder on the gas pedal not letting up. I'll talk more about what this means in the near future but let me put it this way: If you're sitting around acting like it's 2019 and figuring that the government will save you if everything goes south... well, that's not a direction I would recommend. However, I'm also a Libertarian so you can do whatever you want.

All of that having been said: I am working on the book full steam again! Part of the problem for me is I need to feel engaged and interested in this process and the story I'm telling. So, if I feel like it's going in a boring or predictable direction I take a step back for a while. I had to do that for a minute to refresh my mind but now I am back at it. More updates as they come.

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