Range Report: Target Transitions and Scalar Works

Life is annoying. Sometimes you have to address multiple threats and if that may occur it's good to have reps in so you know what works and what doesn't. I do a lot of reps with different drills. In the video below I'm working target transition. Footwork, picking up the red dot and being aware of who you may be flagging with your barrel are all crucial details.

I was also getting accustomed to using a Scalar Works 1.93" Leap Mount for my optic. Part of the reason I moved to this height is that I also work with night vision, and because you're effectively looking through a high tech toilet paper tube you need a good neutral head position. This is the same way I shoot with my pistol. I never tuck my chin down and look "up" relative to my head position to find my dot or iron sights.

While it is true that I'll ideally shoot "actively" with an IR laser to find my targets at night, there are conditions where a "passive" aiming capacity like actually looking through a red dot will be needed. That's where the higher head position comes in with the leap mount pictured below.

In this video I'm also wearing a Ferro Concepts "Slickster" plate carrier with Hesco plates. It was a hot day but you should train the way you fight. Also, it really doesn't matter how hot it is if you drink plenty of water. You'll probably be fine.


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