Range Report: Drawing From Concealment

I promise I'll do more with this blog than just post shooting videos.


Back when I worked in Executive Protection I did a lot of practice drawing from concealment, but since then it just hadn't come up as a private civilian living in California. In case you didn't know this bit of trivia, getting a concealed carry permit in CA is nest to impossible.

Now things have changed and as I carry pretty much 24/7 it's important to actually be able to get that weapon out and on target.

Here I was doing some practice drawing from the 4 o'clock position in the rain. Rain is always a good condition to have for training.

Part of the reason I take video of myself is to then analyze it and compare it to video of actual good shooters. I am also fortunate to have some friends with a long history as gun fighters who can give me useful pointers. And also tell me I'm a dork and should quit life.

Of course, just drawing and looking cool isn't enough. Hitting the target is also important.

One piece of information I gleaned from this process was that using both hands to clear the garment (aside from being inefficient) was causing my support hand to push my pistol to the left, which was part of the reason I was throwing those shots to the left.

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