Range Report: Dynamic Carbine Drills

Updated: May 30

I’m fortunate to have access to a private range that I can hit once or twice a week to work out reps on my different weapons systems and test pieces of gear before they get put into the mix permanently.

Today was a range day working mainly on more mobility based shooting like the drill in the video below. During my time in the military and doing other things I fell on my ass a lot. So, being able to recover quickly from a spill and get back into the fight is crucial. Part of this is literally having good mobility. If you’re tight and stiff you can’t do this kind of stuff. Also worth noting I am 45, so age isn’t a factor. Maybe when I hit my 80s. I just do a lot of stretching and other mobility work.

Today I was also testing a Safariland ALS holster for my Glock 26 to see how much the locking system slowed down my draw, which wasn’t much at all. Thinking about the possibility of going hands on and someone potentially getting your sidearm away from you this type of holster system makes a lot more sense.

I was also testing a new chest rig from ATS Tactical. I’ve run through a lot of different chest rigs that I’ll go into more detail on later, but I’m liking this one quite a lot. It’s the perfect combination of being able to carry the things I need without being bulky. It took a few beats to get used to the bungee retention vs. the Kydex inserts I’m used to, but again it didn’t slow me down that much.

I have a crazy amount of stamina for what some would consider mind numbing repetition, but I know that deep repetition is the pathway to mastery, and in this business mastery is the difference between life and death.

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