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10 hours ago

Jordan Vezina

Today I wrapped up final edits on book three of the Jericho Black series: Retribution! It just went out to my Advance Team of readers who will now go through it and shoot down any minor errors they may run into. Looking forward to the Amazon release September 1st! ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Jordan Vezina

I love this new shirt I picked up from Zero Foxtrot. It's an homage to the movie Red Dawn, which I watched about five thousand times growing up.
"All that hate is gonna burn you up kid."
"It keeps me warm."
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My Life in the Marines: School of Infantry

School of Infantry was a real eye opener for me. Like I said, boot camp wasn’t really that challenging, mentally or physically, but SOI was different. After MCRD I had ten days off, most of which I spent asleep. My mom thought it would be hilarious to play reveille at...

My Life in the Marines: Let’s all go to bootcamp

Growing up I was the exact reverse of what you would expect a future Marine to look and act like. I was a loner, I focused mostly on my graphic art, writing and music, and most of the time I tipped the scales at a whopping 100 pounds. My father had been a Green Beret...

I Lived in a Haunted Hotel

I know, this sounds like the title of a low-rent horror novel, but it turns out it's just my life. In 1997 I was still kicking around Sonora, California, working for the public works department re-zoning maps, playing in my band with my friend Nick and generally not...