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2 days ago

Jordan Vezina

We are now a week away from the release of my new book Education! This book will be on kindle as well as in paperback. You'll also notice the series name is now Jericho Black, which is something that will be revealed in the third book Retribution, which I expect to release in September. ... See MoreSee Less

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I Lived in a Haunted Hotel Part One

I know, this sounds like the title of a low-rent horror novel, but it turns out it's just my life. In 1997 I was still kicking around Sonora, California, working for the public works department re-zoning maps, playing in my band with my friend Nick and generally not...

The Fine Art of Getting Your Ass Kicked

I'm good at a few things. These are listed below, not necessarily in order of priority or importance. Getting my ass kicked. Being funny. I know because my Mom told me I'm funny, so... Writing stories. Turning a simple story or concept into an impossibly long...

October Free Kindle Book Promotion!

For the last two weeks of October we're going to be doing a free kindle book promotion for the first two books in the "Hell's Half Acre" series.   "The Ghost Factory" will be available for free download October 19-23.   Right about the time you've wrapped that up, the...