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Today my new book The Ghost Factory is available for download in the kindle store. This book is a pretty big departure from what I usually write, and is much more in the horror/ science fiction genre. #clones #timetravel #horror #scifi #military #apocalypse
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I remember everything about nothing

I have only two types of memory: Perfect and none. Allow me to elaborate. It was a fairly recent discovery for me, to find that most people remember their lives. I have always looked at memory as a cup with finite capacity. You have to pour the old ones out to let the...

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The Stamina of Writing

I do a lot of research on the independent publishing industry. It's a fairly new idea, as obviously Amazon, Ibooks and other independent publishing platforms had to come around for this to be an actual "thing". It existed before, but it was primarily authors paying...

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The Elegance of Being

I don't depend on my writing to make a living, which is a good thing. If I did, I would not be. Living. So I can sort of do whatever I want. See: Maria Bamford. Like people say... You can't write that sentence that way. Once you have removed the need to generate...

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The Story of Suntory Whiskey

Whiskey is not traditionally known as a specialty of the Japanese, prior at least to the production of Suntory Whiskey. Even today most people are probably not aware even of the existence of fine Japanese Whiskeys. Sake yes, but whiskey? Whiskey is Scottish, or...

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